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钢坝的运行和操作 Operation and operation of steel dam

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  It can not only solve the contradiction between the dam top and the natural water storage, but also solve the contradiction between the dam top and the natural water storage, Combined with the engineering example, the paper expounds the application of steel dam gate in urban landscape river course.


  With the continuous improvement of water conservancy project construction level in our country, ecological consciousness is gradually strengthened in the construction process, and the construction of urban landscape river has become an important part of water conservancy project construction. In this paper, combined with many years of work experience, the application of steel dam gate in urban landscape river is analyzed, and compared with other gates in an all-round way.


  Steel dam gate is used in water conservancy engineering, urban landscape engineering and other industries. Steel dam is a common product, which can control water flow and adjust river flow. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.

钢坝的运行和操作需要知道:The operation and operation of steel dam need to know:


  1. Check the strength and stability of all stressed components of the hoist under 1.5 times of the rated load.


  2. The hydraulic characteristics of the gate operated by the hoist and the load variation characteristics of the gate at the beginning and end of operation have been considered in the design of the power system of the hoist.


  3. The integrated hoist has the function of full open, full closed or self-locking at any position.


  4. The system has the function of automatic balance for the gate stall caused by the possible reverse load in the process of opening and closing.

  5、集成式启闭机电控方式。5. Integrated mechanical and electrical control mode of hoist.


  6. The electrical control system has the function of monitoring and displaying the operation status of the hoist.

  7、电气控制系统有自诊断和容错功能。7. The electric control system has the function of self diagnosis and fault tolerance.


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