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机闸一体钢闸的特点 Characteristics of machine gate integrated steel gate

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机闸一体钢闸门广泛应用于水利水电、市政建设、给水排水、水产养殖、农用水利建设等工程。 是荣程水利生产的20多种闸门中的一种钢制闸门,该设备有启闭机和闸门一块组合,该设备结构合理,便于安装,操作简便灵活,便于管理。 防腐能力强,可在PH=6-8的流体酸碱中使用。 止水效果好;正常渗水量L≤0.07L/m.s。

  Machine gate integrated steel gate is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, aquaculture, agricultural water conservancy construction and other projects. It is a kind of steel gate in more than 20 kinds of gates produced by Rongcheng water conservancy Co., Ltd. The equipment has a combination of hoist and gate. The structure of the equipment is reasonable, easy to install, easy to operate and flexible, and easy to manage. It has strong anti-corrosion ability and can be used in pH = 6-8. The results show that the water sealing effect is good, and the normal seepage volume L ≤ 0.07l/m.s.

  机闸一体闸门具有:The machine gate integrated gate has:


  1. The normal working head of the machine gate integrated gate is 1-6.5m, and it can also bear certain reverse head. In order to meet the requirements of users, the high head gate can be manufactured.


  2. The gate shall be installed as a whole and poured in the second stage. The second stage pouring can be carried out only when the water sealing gap between the gate and the gate frame is adjusted to less than 0.3mm.


  3. When pouring concrete for the machine gate integrated gate, the mortar flowing into the gap between the gate, gate frame, inclined iron and baffle must be removed to prevent the influence of the opening and closing of the gate after the mortar solidifies.


  4. The upper and lower frames of the gate are equipped with fixing blocks to prevent the gate from sliding out during transportation and hoisting. After installation and solidification (before use), the fixing blocks of the upper gate frame and the tightening bolts of the lower frame should be removed before starting.


  5. When the machine gate integrated cast iron gate is opened and closed, attention should be paid to the upper and lower limit position of the gate to avoid damaging the gate or the hoist.

  机闸一体钢闸门按闸门的结构形式分为:According to the structural form of the gate, the machine gate integrated steel gate is divided into:

PZ型平面平板门和PGZ型平面拱形门,又可分为整体式和组装式两种,规格齐全从0.2x0.2—6.5x6.5m(6.5x6.5m米或者水头高为6.5m米)并生产矩形铸铁闸门;出水口>=3米时,为双吊点闸门。机闸一体式铸铁闸门主要适用与正向受压止水,根据用户需要可制造反向止水闸门。 在结构上采用机加工硬止水,较大闸门底封水亦可采用橡胶封水。 根据用户要求,可采用镶铜或镶不锈钢止水,该设备可以根据客户需要做成铸铁的,钢的和不锈钢的,满足不同地方不同客户需要,业务咨询13582492022孙经理,微信同号。

  PZ type plane flat gate and PGZ type plane arch gate can be divided into integral type and assembled type, with complete specifications, from 0.2x0.2 to 6.5x6.5m (6.5x6.5m or head height of 6.5m) and the production of rectangular cast iron gate; when the outlet is > 3M, it is double lifting point gate. The machine gate integrated cast iron gate is mainly suitable for forward pressure sealing, and the reverse sealing gate can be manufactured according to the needs of users. In the structure, machining hard water seal is used, and rubber water seal is also used for the bottom sealing of larger gate. According to the user's requirements, copper inlaid or stainless steel inlaid water stop can be used. The equipment can be made into cast iron, steel and stainless steel according to the customer's needs, meeting the needs of different customers in different places. Business consulting 13582492022, manager Sun, wechat is the same number.